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May 10, 2014  •  1 Comment

Today we celebrate the gift of our mothers, one of the most precious gifts of life!  


I no longer have my mother so Mother’s Day is a really bittersweet day for me.  One of the hardest encounters of my walk with grief has been getting through this time of year.  I remember the first mother’s day without her…it was super hard....she had passed just one month before. 


Stores start targeting Mother’s Day Sales weeks ahead of time.  I found that particularly difficult being I had just lost my mom & everywhere I went I had “Mother’s Day” gift presentations in my face.  On one occasion,  I felt nothing short of violated when a store attendant wished me “Happy Mother’s Day.”   My mouth smiled & said thank you….my heart felt a sudden stab of pain & inside my head I heard a child's voice sob  “thank you, I don’t have a mother anymore….thank you for reminding me!”  My mind knew people meant well…my heart was injured, my heart felt it was rude of people to be so personal when they didn’t know me.


Today is my 9th Mother’s Day without my mama.  It’s just as hard today,  I miss her terribly, but today is not about me and not about grief.  Today is about.....                

                    ........ CELEBRATING MY MAMA and what she gave to me, my life!


For those of you who still have your mom, please make sure you give her a big hug today.  For those separated by miles, give her a call & tell her you love her.  Mom’s know this anyway, but it’s always comforting to hear and there may come a day when you ache because you can’t tell her anymore.   We never know what tomorrow brings.  We never know how much our life can change in one short hour...that is until it does.  I know, sadly I know....because one Friday night my life changed forever just that quickly.  Everything I thought I knew became unknown to me.  Life as I knew it.... was no more. 


Today my heart breaks for my dear sister-in-law, Cynthia who had planned on traveling to spend today with her mother, knowing it would most likely be their last Mother's Day together.  Sadly, Cynthia did not get that last Mother's day with her mom.  She & her brother buried her mother yesterday. 


It is a mystery, this wicked thing called grief.   As we explore it together, we must remember, oddly enough, the secret code for survival is to celebrate the gift of life.....every minute of every day.  We must give thanks for the little things we often take forgranted.  Open the blinds in the morning & give thanks for the day God has given, be it a sunny day, or be it rainy....each day is a new day and a special gift from God. 


For those of you like me, that only have your memories these days, relish them.  Talk about them, share them.  Celebrate the life that gave you life and made you who you are today.


Today, I CELEBRATE my mama,  Mildred Lucina Farr Watson, wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother….daughter, sister, aunt.  A strong obedient woman of faith, dedicated to God, the church & to serving others.   She was a simple woman but one of much love.   She spent many a day visiting  the sick & shut-ins, always taking fresh cut flowers from her garden to cheer them.  She gave so much of herself to others.  I am blessed to have had her as my Mama.  There are 6 of us that are blessed as such and we all thank God for that blessing.   We cherish the time we had with her, every single minute. 


Today we share memories, we laugh & we cry.  Most importantly we………….

                     CELEBRATE, WE CHERISH, WE GIVE THANKS ! 


I celebrate my Mama, a beautiful woman....inside and out!  I thank God for my memories & the beauty of photography that helps capture & preserve special moments in time.   I am delighted to share some of those special moments with you.....


My beautiful Mama, age 20ish, 1947ish My mama loving on my older brother Ralph, guessing 1955ish The Watson Family, my parents, my brothers & my sisters, Easter Sunday 1981 / 1982 ...? That's me in the middle on the back row One of my all time favorite pictures...My Mama loving on my niece Julianne! Guessing 1995ish. Another of my Mama & Daddy at my niece Amy's wedding, Jan 2003 if I'm not mistaken. My mama & daddy in their backyard swing, spring 2003. My Mama with her brothers & sisters, 5 of the 8 born to Ralph & Iona Farr, October 2003. Sadly, we have now lost my mom, chair 4 & my Uncle Johnny, chair 1. My Mama in front of the home she was born & raised in. Waycross, GA October 003





Kristina (K9 Studio Photography)(non-registered)
Congratulations on your very 1st blog post Way to Go! ... Happy Mothers Day for all moms in your family :D very lovely photographs of your mom a very touching post
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