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9 Secrets For Creating A Peaceful and Happy Existence!

May 25, 2014  •  3 Comments

I opened my blinds this morning & saw the most gorgeous sunny day outside.  What a wonderful way to start the day, being greeted by the marvelous beauty of nature. 


I have to say, one of the things I truly love most in life is my backyard.  It's not an elaborate backyard by any means, no massive deck, no picket fence, no swimming pool, no fire pit or outdoor kitchen.  In actuality it's a simple backyard but it's surrounded by the most beautiful trees.  I can sit all day and enjoy the beauty of the trees.  I'm an artist so the crooked branches arching their way towards the sky and the various shades & shapes of the leaves captivate me in wonder.  My backyard is a playground for all sorts of wild life….birds, squirrels, an occasional turtle, rabbit, deer or egret.   I always enjoy sitting on my patio watching the frolic, feeling the breeze, listening to the songs of the birds.  It keeps me grounded.  It makes me happy.  It makes me realize how truly blessed I am. 


Happinesswhat exactly is happiness?  According to Webster’s Dictionary it is the quality or state of being happy, having good fortune, pleasure, contentment, joy.


I believe it is the ability to relax, enjoy and appreciate…..where you are, your surroundings, your talents, your gifts, the people you are with, the moment you are in. 


Do you sometimes feel like the whole world is out to get you.  We’ve all been there…You get up late, hurry your shower, slip on your clothes to find a stain on the shirt you wanted to wear.  Start out the door with your morning drink in hand. Next thing you know your drink is on the floor…now you have a mess all over your kitchen (that you don’t have time to clean up) and worse even yet…you now have no morning drink!  You get in your car and 5 minutes down the road you start wondering if  you closed the garage door, or worse yet, you realize your cell phone is still sitting on the kitchen counter.  We all have those days and yes, we all get pulled down by them, but we don’t have to let them define who we are or control our moodi.e., our happiness.  


The truth is YOU control your own destiny to becoming a happier & more successful you…you and only you!  It is easier though when you learn to master a few essential secrets for creating that happy existence.


9 SIMPLE SECRETS  For Creating A Peaceful and Happy Existence… 


  1. APPRECIATE!  Open the blinds and look outside.  Better yet, open the door and go outside.  Listen to the birds sing.  Watch the squirrels frolic.  Feel the gentle breeze or the warmth of the sun.  A little “outside yourself” never hurt anyone.  The fresh air and sunshine will do you wonders.  Just try it and see.  Have your morning cup of coffee or glass on juice sitting on your patio for a change.  You might just start a new habit.
  2. DO SOMETHING YOU ENJOY!  Sew, paint, craft, bake, garden, take a walk, go for a drive, visit a neighbor or friend.  You get the picture.  What is it you enjoy doing but just don’t make the time for.  Yeah, the house needs dusting, but you know what…that dust is gonna be right back where it was an hour after you dust.  Give yourself permission to forget the dust and go do something that makes your heart sing!
  3. PAMPER YOURSELF!   So you’d like to go for a massage….great do so, but if you can’t justify the expense, a soak in your own bathtub costs you absolutely nothing.  A long hot soak will do wonders to rejuvenate you.  Put the phone away, light some candles, put on some soft music, grab a book or magazine, shut out the kids, the pets, the entire world for a bit & drift away for a mini you vacation!
  4. ENJOY A MEAL without distraction!  Again, put the phone away.  Turn some music on and eat (no dine!) at the table…not on the sofa in front of the TV.  Share a conversation with your family.  You’ll find you taste and enjoy your food more!  By yourself?   All the more reason to exercise this step.  Who deserves the royal treatment better than you?  I have found, if I take the time to prepare my meal & serve it in a nice presentation I seem to enjoy it so much more.  I actually tend to eat less and feel more satisfied.  What are you saving the nice china and glassware for?  For someone to fight over when you’re gone?  Pull it out.  Eat on it today.  You’re worth it.  You deserve it.  I promise you will enjoy it.  Isn’t that what you have it for.
  5. DO SOMETHING NICE for someone else!  Surprise a waitress with a really nice tip.  Buy a newspaper from a street vendor & tell them to keep the change.  Take a cake to a neighbor for no reason.  Write a quick simple note to tell someone thank you or that you appreciate're glad they are in your life.  There is something really neat about getting a personal card or letter in the mail these days.  You will find doing something nice for someone else not only puts a smile on their face, but one on yours as well.  There is nothing quite as nice as making 2 hearts smile.  (BTW…I feature my handmade note cards in my Etsy Store! …Hint, Hint!)
  6. REALIZE…YOU DON’T KNOW IT ALL!...and that’s okay!   Be open to realizing there are others that are smarter than you (most likely because of know that thing we call "trial & error').  Respect them! Learn from them!  Benefit from them!
  7. REALIZE THE WHEEL HAS ALREADY BEEN MADE…Don’t try to remake it….just roll it!  Often there are already tried & proven formulas in almost everything we tackle…use them.  Why are you trying to fix it if it ain’t broken?
  8. REALIZE EVERYTHING IS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU!  Don’t go getting all frustrated because of something someone else has or has not done.  Realize the only person whose life revolves around you….is you!   Life has taught me that we often perceive actions to be “aimed” at us when most times they have absolutely nothing to do with us.  Things other people do or don’t do often have absolutely no reflection on or relationship to you at all.
  9. REALIZE YOU SEW WHAT YOU REAP!  Surround yourself with positivity.  Learn to recognize & reject negativity!  If that means removing someone from your life, well then, so be it.  Life is to short to wallow in pity parties!  You can’t expect to change what you see if you sit in the same chair and look out the same window at the same thing all day long.  If it’s not working for you, change it.  It’s not going to change itself.  Sometimes you have to get up and move to another chair or look out of another window!  One thing you can surely's not going to change if you don't make an effort.  You can do it.  It's a step by step process.  It starts with you making that first step!


To truly be happy you have to learn to

                   GET OUTSIDE OF YOURSELF!   Learn to ...LET IT GO!


So, open that back door, step outside for a few minutes.  Listen to the birds sing their cheerful little songs.  Watch the squirrels skip and frolic.  (Geez, I wish I had half their energy!)  Feel the breeze, the warmth of the sun, smell the sweet, sweet aroma of the summer blossoms.  Enjoy the beauty of whatever your surroundings.


When we learn to get out of ourselves for a little while, when we start to recognize all the many blessings, big & small, that surround us…HAPPINESS COMES!.....and when you're truly happy, your heart is full... full of gratitude, full of appreciation, full of love, full of joy!


Happiness is A Gift…A Gift we give ourselves when we simply learn to breathe, to relax, to enjoy, to give thanks and most of all, to appreciate!


A special thank you to my new friend Mike T., from whom I "borrowed" numbers 6 & 7.  These are principles he lives and works by.  Good solid advice we will all do well to remember!


Tell me....What are you doing today for you?  What makes you happy?  What are you appreciative for?  Please share with me in the comments below.  I'd love to celebrate "Your Happy" with you today!


Wishing you all a Full Heart today and every day!





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.....and of course the last little critter in the pictures...well, he lives here! He is my heart. My 5.5 lb, 9 year old Lil Bit!
GiniJack Photography
Thank you for your nice comment Nela. It's funny, I started taking pictures as practice assignments for a photography class....getting familiar with my camera. I always knew we had beautiful wildlife outside our door but somehow the photography really woke me up to how magical it really is. I try to keep my camera by the backdoor at all times because I never know when "someone" is coming to visit!
Nela Dunato(non-registered)
Thank you for this lovely reminder of what contributes to our happiness... I'm sure that if I did at least one every day it would create a huge difference.
Your photos are amazing, I especially love the cute squirrels! Your backyard really seems like a magical place to be :)
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